Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rental Properties as a Muse

One of my Muses is rental properties. Before you start about having to fix toilets in the middle of the night let me assure you that I consider plumbing right up there with bamboo slivers under the fingernails and waterboarding. We use property management and let them worry about it. If you buy the property right and are in a good rental market, you can lease it out and use the monthly proceeds to make the mortgage payment, pay the property taxes, pay the rental property insurance, pay the property management fee (usually 1/2 the first month's rent and 10% per month after that) and STILL pocket some profit each and every month. We shoot for at least net $200.00 before the property management fee so we still usually clear $180.00 per month per unit. All Property Management can put you in touch with property management teams around most of the U.S. Some PM companies specialize so it is best to double-check the property type for accuracy when requesting a quote. Think of them as a Virtual Assistant for your rental business.

All Property Management

All Property Management Web Site

"AllPropertyManagement.com is committed to being the most comprehensive, useful and informative resource for those researching rental and association management companies. We enable you to quickly and easily locate and compare thousands of rental and association management companies throughout the United Stated and Canada. We also provide expert advice to the most commonly asked questions to help facilitate your decision making process.

Owned and operated by All Property Management, LLC, the staff at AllPropertyManagement.com is comprised of a team of marketing and sales experts with over 35 years combined experience. Our consultants have a lifetime of experience in the property management industry to help assure that the needs of those using our site to seek rental and association managers are met.

If you represent a rental or association management company and want to be listed in our site, please contact our sales department at 509-996-8286 (DO NOT CALL this number if you have a property and are looking for management - view our featured property managers)." AllPropertyManagement.com

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