Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vision Board Builder

Vision boards have been used for quite some time now as personal motivators. A vision board is an assemblage of pictures, photos & illustrations of things you want to possess, do or achieve or places you want to visit. Vision Board Builder is a free program that allows you to create vision boards on your computer. In addition to the vision board I have printed out for my office wall, I also use it as the wallpaper on my laptop. I have included some of the software developer's blog text in the section below for clarification. Enjoy!

Vision Board Builder Web Site

"What Exactly Is This Vision Board Software? The Vision Board Builder is a completely free Windows application that’s designed to make building attractive image collages a snap!

A vision board is essentially a collection of images and ideas that reflect what you hope to achieve or acquire in life. Visualizing your goals is a powerful motivator– and with the free Vision Board Builder, it’s simpler than ever before! It’s also perfect for making general purpose collages or scrapbooks.

Simple drag and drop interface. Instant results. No spyware. No advertisements. No strings attached.

Is There a Catch? There is no catch. I originally wrote a simpler version of this for myself, then figured others might find it useful or fun. I offer it now completely free just for visiting my site, and hope you find some value in it. If you enjoy it, I’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions. If you really enjoy it, you’re always welcome to donate a few bucks. But like I said, this program is a free gift with no strings attached. And if you’d like to be notified of future releases and other exclusives, don’t forget to join the mailing list!" Kurt -

Video Tutorial

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